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At Boswell Pharmacy Services, our hands-on clinical services department is always available to you to provide the best results for our partnership.  Our commitment to our clients utilizes best practices in education and management.

For example, our approach to managing pharmaceutical costs long ago abandoned the price per pill method of evaluating total costs. With the Boswell Pharmacy Services Program, our clients have found far greater cost control and overall reductions in healthcare spending by utilizing our data-driven focus on quantity, selection and mix of medications.

For each client, Boswell Pharmacy Services assigns a clinical pharmacist/partner who serves as an active member of that organization’s healthcare team, who work directly with your facility physicians and facility nursing staff to consult about drug side effects or potential drug interactions, approve/deny non-formulary medications, and present new drug information.

Boswell Pharmacy Services has demonstrated that improved outcomes mean healthier patients, fewer complications and reduced overall costs.

Our Clinical Pharmacists:

Are 100% dedicated to your organization.

Are fully credentialed and well versed in disease state management, pharmacy regulations, pharmacoeconomic, policy development, formulary and non-formulary management, medication therapy management, drug information, clinical in-services, pharmacy and therapeutics, best practices and patient education.

Our Pharmacy Initiatives Include:

  • Managing the Selection and Quantity of Medications
  • Pharmacist Driven Formulary Management
  • Improved Disease State Management
  • Managing High Acuity Patients
  • Patient Specific Drug Regimen Review and Medication Adherence

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