Clinical Services

Clinical pharmacy service

Our Clinical Pharmacy Department stays at the forefront of the constantly evolving changes in medication therapy management, disease state pharmacotherapy, and alternative treatment plans relevant to the latest chronic care guidelines.

Our Clinical Pharmacists routinely work in close partnership with our clients to make informed recommendations regarding patient care. They systematically analyze medication usage and recommend methods for providing cost-effective therapeutic alternatives. They continuously monitor for the emergence of new medications and educate facility staff in all matters related to its use.

Our clinical pharmacy department works in tandem with our customers to implement a formalized process for obtaining non-formulary medications. We assist in facilitating formulary adherence, making formulary recommendations and suggesting alternate formulary treatment regimens. We alert customers when medications are slated to become generically available and we make formulary recommendations accordingly.

Routine Clinical Pharmacy Support for:

  • Drug information education
  • Chronic Care treatment guidance: HIV, Hep C, Infectious Disease, etc.
  • Consulting
  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics preparation
  • CQI participation
  • Medication Recall guidance
  • Drug interaction education
  • Treatment guidance during national drug shortages

Our Clinical Pharmacists are second to none with their knowledge, passion, and willingness to support our partners. Call us to learn more about our clinical pharmacy services (888) 688-3288 x0.

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