About Us

Boswell Pharmacy Services is part of a family owned conglomerate of six retail pharmacies and an automated closed-door institutional pharmacy located in Western, PA. The conglomerate has been providing pharmacy service since 1964.

Boswell Pharmacy Services provides pharmacy services to correctional, nursing home and assisted living facilities throughout the United States. We are housed in a state-of-the art processing facility with the newest technology in medication packaging. We offer electronic medication ordering while providing a secure link to pharmacy records.

Boswell Pharmacy Services prides itself on providing personal, professional experience through the dedication and hard work ethic of its core leaders. Boswell Pharmacy Services is accessible for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Executive Staff

Kathleen A. Martella-Zucco, MBA
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Mike Vigne
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Clinical Pharmacists

Donna J. Barnhart, PHARM.D
Clinical Pharmacist
Brandon Cheskiewicz, PHARM.D
Clinical/Staff Pharmacist
Heather DeMayo, PHARM.D
Clinical Pharmacist
Lynn A. Rhine, PHARM.D
Clinical Pharmacist

Staff Pharmacists

Jeffrey A. Booth, R.PH
Staff Pharmacist

Scott E. Brokaw, PHARM.D
Staff Pharmacist

Tricia L. Claycomb, R.PH
Staff Pharmacist

Barry L. Krause, R.PH
Staff Pharmacist
Janice M. Rishell, R.PH
Staff Pharmacist
Dave G. Spenik, R.PH
Staff Pharmacist
Dwayne S. Varner, R.PH
Staff Pharmacist
Ernest B. Wysocki, R.PH
Staff Pharmacist


Pam Brydon
Billing Specialist

Stacey Bruening
Director, IT Support

Patti Ferpas
Supervisor, Data Entry
Denise Gindlesperger
Administrative Assistant
Dan Golby
National Sales Director
Lora Hankinson
Customer Support / Regulatory Assistant

Christine Helsel
Human Resources and Operations

Michelle Jenkins
Utilization Manager
Krista Krug
Accounting Manager
Tammi Kuncher
Administrative Assistant
Ben Krupper
Client Relations Manager
Adam Lehman
Director, Operational Analysis and Strategic Initiatives
Kelly Marcinko
Ancillary Services / Emergency Services
Curtis Miles, DPh., CCHP
Director, Business Development
Melissa Mostoller
Executive Assistant
Bob Rhine
Director, Purchasing
Sara Schrader
Staff Accountant
Jake Scrimager
QA Manager / Client Relations
Regina Sida
Nursing Home Liaison
Nick Stahl
Accounts Payable / Receivable Specialist
Scott Sutton
Supervisor, Shipping

Our Location

131 Schoolhouse Road, Jennerstown, PA 15547